Affiliated Ministries

Ministries that wish to become affiliated with tthe Transformational Catholic Church should contact Bishop LeBlanc to engage in a dialogue, which may result in a denominational or ecclesial affiliation.

Denominational Ministries

Ministries can be affiliated with the denomination through the actions of the Board of Directors.  Such ministries will need to present a well developed ministerial plan to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors will examine the articles of incorporation, sources of funding, and liabilities protections as the render a decision regarding an affiiation with the denomination.

Religious Orders

If there is a desire to establish a religious order affilaited with the denominaiton, please contact Bishop LeBlanc.  Bishop LeBlanc will be interested in discussing the rule of the order, the articles of incorporation, how the order will fund its ministry, and liability protections for the order and its members. Lay Orders will be considered as well.

Ecclesial Ministries

The presiding bishop of the denomination can personally approve ministries that will become ecclesial ministries of the denomination.  Individuals seeking such ecclesial recognition should contact Bishop LeBlanc.  Bishop LeBlanc, as with all minitries, will look at the articles of incorporation, sources of funding, and liability protections.  The difference between a denominational and ecclesial ministry lies in the recognition with the denomination.  The Board of Directors has through the recogniton of a ministry is establishing the ministry as a full denominational ministry.  Bishop LeBlanc, when recognzing a ministry is doing so as the presiding ecclesial authorty of the denominaiton but in a manner that establishes the ministry as an extension of the denominaiton but only during the time of his presiding authority within the denomination.  Any subsequent bishop may choose to no longer recognize the ministry within their ecclesial authority.