Bishop LeBlanc’s Autobiography

Pastorally I focus on the individual, within an existentialist philosophical and theological perspective. Each individual takes a unique walk in faith. As a Bishop I must respect that walk and will work with individuals within their understanding of faith and their concerns about religion and spirituality.

I have been influenced by the writings of The Rt. Rev. John Shelby Spong, Father Joseph Girzone, and the Jesus Seminar. As a result I am theologically very liberal. My life and spirituality was impacted, significantly, through my five years as a monastic with the Order of the Most Holy Trinity. The charism of that religious order, “redemptive charity” is the charism I enact in my ministry. I am very grateful to the OSST family for the strong spiritual foundation that they provided, which now enhances my ministry.

A soul must not be lost because of the organized structural construct of religion. Therefore my ministry as a Bishop is to work with you so that your spiritual needs are met. I may not grow a large following, but the souls I touch will be carefully ministered to out of respect and God’s Love!

Apostolic Succession:
Consecrated January 18, 2003 by The Most Rev. Dr. Mark Shirilau at Davenport, Iowa at the MCCQC for The Ecumenical Catholic Church. Bishop Shirilau traces his consecration to Bishop Duarte Costa, a former Roman Catholic Bishop.


Bishop LeBlanc was ordained a priest on July 27, 1991 for the Ecumenical Catholic Church in Pocatello, ID.


-Ph.D.  University of Central Nicaragua – (Psychology)

-Ed.D. University of Sarasota (Education – Post Secondary Social Sciences – Sociology and Human Sexuality)
-M.A. Idaho State University (Sociology)
-M.P.A. Consortium of The California State University (Public Administration)
-M.A. Atlantic University [Transprersonal Studies (Transpersonal/Spiritual Psychology)]
-B.S. Towson State University (Psychology)
-M.S. California Coast University (Psychology)

-M.A.P.A.C. Aspen University (Psychology – Addictions and Counseling)


Frame Coaching – A Brief Life Coaching Method

Professional Training:

-Monastic —Order of the Most Holy Trinity [Theological, Scriptural, Religious Studies]
-Clinical Training in a Pastoral Setting — Eastern Idaho Pastoral Care Center

Pastoral Interests

I enjoy providing the sacraments to those denied by other denominations. The sacraments belong to the people of God and should not be denied to those who genuinely request them. I hope to open a pastoral care center in the future. If you would like to assist with this goal, please contact me.  I also hope to lead private or small group retreats. I will combine this with spiritual counseling and direction. I have presented workshops on “finding one’s spiritual path” and will continue this in the future. Finally, I will always celebrate the Mass in a small faith community. Providing a respite for wondering souls seems to be part of my vocation.

Patron Saint

Originally the patron saint of the denomination and Bishop LeBlanc was St. Andrew.  St. Andrew was chosen because not much is known about his ministry after the life of Jesus.  Then in 2017 Bishop LeBlanc did some reflecting based on his life and ministry.  The patron saint of Bishop LeBlanc is St. Thomas.  Like St. Andrew not much is known about the ministry of St. Thomas.  Yet, St. Thomas is known for having doubts; a very human emotion.  Since we do not know for certain the complete nature and actions of God, as we have not encountered God completely, there remain subtle doubts about all that is presented about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Thus if St. Thomas can be embraced by Jesus with his doubts, so too, it is hoped, that you as well as Bishop LeBlanc can be too.