Holy Spirit Catholic Faith Community- Virtual

Originally the mission of Holy Spirit, and the T.C.C., was to provide a spiritual home to disenfranchised Catholics. Holy Spirit is also the founding parish of the denomination. Both the parish and denomination soon learned that providing an alternative in which many of the issues of discontent or disenfranchisement are addressed was not sufficient. Both the parish and denomination remain rather small even in light of their progressive and inclusive ministries.

After much prayerful reflection as pastor, the mission of the parish, and in part the denomination, has shifted to providing a true spiritual home for recovering, disenfranchised, and healing Catholics.

We do not have all of the inclusive activities of a traditional parish or faith community. Rather there is the creation of a spiritual space, a sacred space, in which individuals can reconnect with God. There is an attempt to achieve a heightened sense of God’s spiritual presence when celebrating the Mass.

We only meet once a month, at present, to provide that developmental sacred space. The hope is that once one reconnects with God, they may be better able to continue their journey in faith. That may mean continuing to worship at Holy Spirit or with another denomination or faith community.

We, and I, hope that you may spend a  Saturday evening worshiping with us.

We truly are a faith community with a handful, literally, of individuals attending.

We are intimately connected to our Catholic faith and hope to see you sometime in the future.

Location of Saturday Night Mass

Bishop LeBlanc is relocating to Portland, Oregon in July 2023. All Masses will be conducted via Zoom.   If you would like to attend Zoom Mass please send an inquiry to Bishop LeBlanc at: revdrleblanc@hotmail.com or rtrevdrleblanc@hotmail.com.


January – Zoom Mass

February TBA –  Zoom 5 pm CST

March – 23 – Palm Sunday & March 30 Easter Sunday –  Zoom 5 pm CST

April TBA – Zoom 5 pm CST

May TBA –  Zoom 5 pm CST

June TBA – Zoom 5 pm CST

July TBA –  – Zoom 5 pm CST

August TBA – Zoom 5 pm CST

September TBA – Zoom 5 pm CST

October TBA – Zoom 5 pm CST

November TBA   – Zoom 5 pm CST

December 7 – Zoom 5 pm CST

December 14 – Zoom 5 pm CST

December 21 – Zoom 5 pm CST

Christmas TBA – Zoom 5 pm CST

Mass Begins at 5 p.m. for most masses – except Christmas Mass.