Ministry & Vocations

As a bishop I pastor Holy Spirit Catholic Faith Community. I have been the pastor of Holy Spirit for over thirty years. We have always been a small faith community, meeting the needs of a small number of individuals. I was once challenged by an atheist professor of mine when I was bemoaning the lack of growth for Holy Spirit and the E.C.C. He commented “so it is numbers and not souls that matter – is not one soul enough?” His response changed my understanding and implementation of ministry.

I also wish to work with individuals who are discerning their vocation to ordained ministry or religious life. The Transformational Catholic Church may not be the denomination in which you should be ordained or pursue the religious life. My goal as a bishop is to find the denomination that matches your call to enact your vocation. I am somewhat familiar with a number of Independent Catholic Denominations, as well as resources for contacting a number of denominations. Please free to contact me so that you can begin to explore your calling.

Candidates for the priesthood will need to have completed some basic theological and scriptural training.  This may include training as part of a noviate year within a monastic setting, or taken at a school of theology or seminary.   For those with no formal training, they must complete the diaconal training as outlined in the Deacon’s Ministries – Vocations section of this website.   Either upon acceptance of prior training, or completing the Deacon’s Ministries training, candidates for the priesthood will be required to complete, at their own expense, the Trinity School of Ministry diaconal training program (four or five of the seven courses).  While this training is certainly not sufficient for ordination in most mainline denominations, priests functioning in the Autocephalous Catholic Movement are non-stipendary, that is generally without salaries.   Therefore requiring the completion of a formal MDiv or masters of theology degree can be prohibitive.   Priests once ordained are encouraged to continue their theological and scriptural studies. 

Administration of the Sacraments

The Mass is celebrated monthly with the schedule posted in the area of Holy Spirit Parish.

If you desire any of the other sacraments, please contact us.