What is the Transformational Catholic Church

The Transformational Catholic Church is a separate denomination within the universal Christian Church. The TCC was founded to be a radical statement to the more traditional Catholic denominations. The Canons – or laws – of the denomination are two; the Greatest Commandments. The denomination will have no other Canons or mandated dogmas; rather the denomination will provide a home for the full expression of the Catholic experience, particularly the sacraments of the Catholic tradition.

Why was it founded?
The Transformational Catholic Church was founded out of the prayerful reflections and inner calling of Bishop LeBlanc. As a former Roman Catholic monk (Order of the Most Holy Trinity) he found many denominational practices and positions limiting to his personal spiritual growth. As a priest and bishop within the Autocephalous Catholic Movement he saw many of the denominations merely recreating the denominations that the founding clergy and bishops left, with minor changes. Most importantly he recognized the value and worth of small faith communities and ministries, truly embracing the faith position that “were two or more are gathered” God is found.

Out of these dynamics, Bishop LeBlanc wanted to leave a personal mark on the Autocephalous Movement and thus the creation of yet another denomination. Yet, it is hope that this denomination brings the love of the Sacred/God to more individuals within the Autocephalous Movement.. The formal start of the denomination was Pentecost Sunday, 2006, when a Mass of beginning was celebrated on the island of Kaua’i, Hawaii at 7 a.m. Special prayers were said asking God’s spirit to bless the ministry of the denomination and the ministry of Bishop LeBlanc.

Bishop LeBlanc has celebrated Mass for over 28 years with merely a hand full of people. Some might question this celebration with so few people. Yet, small faith communities can and do bring the presence of God to those who come, in a way that is more heightened than mere individual prayer.

Having celebrated Mass in this manner for so long and hearing of the need for small groups of individuals to come together in prayer to celebrate Mass, the Transformational Catholic Church was begun as a means of meeting the spiritual needs of some, even a few.

It is not envisioned that the TCC will become a large denomination, nor will it ever, or should it, replace other Catholic denominations. The TCC is merely a home from which to build a ministry of deacon’s celebrating marriages, performing baptisms, officiating at funerals, as well as hopefully becoming a denomination of small “Home Church Parishes” that provide a safe and sacred space and place for the wondering souls seeking to reconnect with the Sacred/God or to enhance that relationship with the Sacred/God.